Jose Maria Aznar

does Jose Maria Aznar smoke?

Jose Maria Aznar was Spain's Prime Minister from the year 1996 to 2004. He actually began his career as a politician in 1979 as the member of Alianza Popular. In 1979, Aznar was elected as a Member of Parliament, and then he later became the Alianza Popular's Regional President. Between the year 1987 and 1989, […]

Plamen Vasilev Oresharski

does Plamen Vasilev Oresharski smoke?

A Bulgarian politician, Plamen Oresharski has been the Bulgaria's Prime Minister since the 29th of May 2013. He has been the Board of Governors of the European Bank for the Reconstruction and Development chairperson. He was appointed as Finance Minister of Bulgaria on August 2005. However, before he was appointed to that office, he also […]

Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill

does Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill smoke?

Winston Churchill, a British Politician, became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from year 1940 to 1945. He also obtained the same position from year 1951 to 1955. He was a great officer in the British Army and was even acknowledged as the 20th century's one of the best wartime leaders. He is a […]

Donald Franciszek Tuskÿ

does Donald Franciszek Tuskÿ smoke?

Donald Franciszek Tuskÿwas born in April 22, 1957 and became the Prime Minister of Poland since year 2007. He is the chairman and the co-founder of Civic Platform Partly. He was designated as the country's Prime Minister on November 9, 2007 and then took office on November 16 on the same year. Tusk is also […]

Mariano Rajoy Brey

does Mariano Rajoy Brey smoke?

Mariano Rajoy Brey was elected on November 20, 2011 as the Prime Minister of Spain. Since the year 2004, Brey has been the leader of the People's Party. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, he was Minister of Public Administration from the year 1996 to 1999 as well as the Minister of […]

John Fredrik Reinfeldt

does John Fredrik Reinfeldt smoke?

John Fredrik Reinfeldt is Sweden's Prime Minister, an incumbent since year 2006 and since then, Reinfeldt has been the chairperson of the Liberal Conservative Moderate Party. In 2009, he was acknowledged as European Council's last rotating president. In 1983, he joined the Moderate Youth League and became the chairman from 1993 until 1995. Reinfeldt has […]

David William Donald Cameron

does David William Donald Cameron smoke?

A descendant of King William IV, David Cameron was born into a family with an aristocratic degree and abundant wealth. He is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Minister for the Civil Service, Leader of the Conservative Party and the First Lord of the Treasury. Cameron graduated from Brasenose College, Oxford in the year […]