William Trenwith

does William Trenwith smoke?

Willian Arthur Trenwith is a pionerre trade union and at the same time labor movement official and politician who was born at Tasmania on July 15, 1846. He has a great passion in the field of public speaking and oratory which serve as his key and gateway to be a politician. In the year 1970, […]

Tony Leon

does Tony Leon smoke?

Anthony James Leon or also known as Tony Leon was born on December 15 1956 in Durban and he was recognized as a South African politician who also served as the opposition leader from the year 1999 up to the year 2007 under the Democratic Alliance. He also served as the Ambassador of South African […]

Tony Abbott

does Tony Abbott smoke?

His real name is Anthony “Tony” Abbott who was born on November 4, 1957 in London. In the recent year, he is the opposition leader in Australian House of Representatives and at the same time federal leader in the Liberal Party of Australia. He also became the 28th Prime Minister who has been elected last […]

Sydney Charles Buxton

does Sydney Charles Buxton smoke?

Sydney Charles Buxton was born on October 25 1853 in London and considered as Liberal British politician during the 19th and 20th centuries. He studied at Trinity College and Clifton College and became a member of London Board School from the year 1876 up to the year 1882. In the year 1880, he became prominent […]

Sibusiso Bengu

does Sibusiso Bengu smoke?

Sibusiso Mandlenkosi Emmanuel Bengu is recognized as a prominent South African politician who as born in KwaZulu Natal on May 8 1934. He founded the High School of Dlangeza which is near in Empangeni in the year 1969. He became the principal of the said school until the year 1976. He completed his political science […]

Schalk Willem Burger

does Schalk Willem Burger smoke?

He is considered as the 6th President of the South African Republic. He is also a military leader, statesman and lawyer from the year 1900 up to 1902. He also served in various military conflicts like the well known Sekhukhune in the year 1876 and First Boer War in the year 1881. Moreover, he is […]

Robert Menzies

does Robert Menzies smoke?

Robert Menzies is considered as the longest Australian Prime Minister in the year 1966. With his help and expertise in his field of specialization, he helped hundreds of thousands people who aim to have a prosperous country free from evils such as Asians and communisms. Being a Prime Minister is not an easy task since […]

does Robert Borsak smoke?

Robert Borsak was born on August 14, 1953. He is also a recreational shooter and hunter however in the current year he was being elected as the MP of Fishers and Shooters Party. He was being chosen by Fishers and Shooters Party to fulfill the Legislative Council of New South Wales. He is the one […]

Nelson Mandela

does Nelson Mandela smoke?

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela is considered as South African revolutionary politician as well as philanthropist. He was also elected as fully representative during the democratic election and he also served as the South Africa President. His government is more focus on legacy dismantling through institutionalized racism, racial reconciliation, fostering, inequality and poverty. He is also a […]

Louis Botha

does Louis Botha smoke?

Louis Botha was the 1st Prime Minister of South Africa and recognized as Afrikaner and at the same time forerunner of South African State. He was born on September 27, 1862 and became the Boer hero during the 2nd Boer War and this is the time that he becomes the British Dominion of South Africa. […]