Ryan Thomas Gosling

Ryan Thomas Gosling

Ryan Gosling was born in London, Ontario on November 12, 1980 to Donna and Thomas Gosling. His family moved a lot in Ontario and this was where Ryan grew up and home-schooled by his own mom for a year. He attended both his high school and college education in Cornwall. Gosling excelled in fine arts and drama then. For the second time, the Gosling family moved in Burlington.

His first performance as a singer is with his sister Mandi during a talent contest. Ryan Gosling has auditioned for several roles and successfully beat several aspiring actors. He has worked really hard and has even got formal trainings in acting to be able to excel in the industry. Ryan Gosling is now a well-known Canadian director, writer, actor and musician.

He has successfully built an impressive reputation in the field of acting and played excellent roles in numerous films such as “Murder by Numbers,” “The Slaughter Rule,” and “The Notebook.”

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