Danny Cunningham

does Danny Cunningham smoke?

Born on May 29, 1969, Danny Cunningham was raised in Branford, West Yorkshire, England. He was known for a multiple roles in different movies. One of the first movieswhere he gained popularity was the “Little Shop of Horrors”, which was filmed in 1986. It is a film with different genres, including comedy, horror and musical. […]

Maura Tierney

does Maura Tierney smoke?

An American TV and movie actress, Maura Therese Tierney is most recognized for her roles as Abby Lockhart on ER, a medical drama, and Lisa Miller on NewsRadio, a sitcom. After being seen in a number of plays, Tierney decided to move to Los Angeles, California. It was in year 1987 when she acquired her […]

Steve Gonsalves

does Steve Gonsalves smoke?

Steve Gonsalves has been recognized as a Tech Manager in Ghost Hunters and still working on and continuing his career till now. Since the age of 16, Steve has acquired his interest on paranormal research. It was in year 2001 when he created the New England Paranormal. New England Paranormal is the paranormal investigation group, […]

Evan Peters

does Evan Peters smoke?

Evan Peters is an American actor, who made his acting debut in 2004 drama film entitled Clipping Adam. The actor is most recognized for his several roles on the FX anthology, American Horror Story, a television series. He is also known for the supporting role in the superhero movie entitled Kick-Ass, playing the role of […]