Mila Kunis

does Mila Kunis smoke?

The talented and gorgeous Mila Kinus or Melina Markovna Kuna in real life was born in Chernivtsu, Ukraine, with a Jewish ancestry. She is the daughter of Elvira, a teacher in physics, and Mark Kunis, a mechanical engineer. After finishing one semester in college between engagements, Kunis realized that she really loved to act. She […]

Casey Kasem

does Casey Kasem smoke?

Kernel Amin Kasem or popularly known as Casey Kasem, is a native of Detroit, Michigan and was born on the 27th of April 1932. This actor-producer is renowned for its 1984 blockbuster movie “Ghostbusters,” “Battle of the Planets,” and the 2002 hit movie “What’s New, Scooby Doo.” Kasem was married twice; one is to Linda […]

Dave Franco

does Dave Franco smoke?

David John Franco, who is also known as David Franco, was born in June 12, 1985 in Palo Alto, CA. He is of Dough Franco, who has Swedish and Portuguese descent, and Betsy. David is the was the younger brother of renowned actor James Franco. His career breakthrough is when he was chosen to be […]

Jonah Hill

does Jonah Hill smoke?

Born and grew in Los Angeles, California on December 20, 1983, Jonah Hill is the son of Richard Feldstein, Guns N’ Roses tour accountant, and Sharon Chalkin,a custom stylist and fashion designer. Hill finished his elementary and high school learning in Santa Monica’s Crossroads School, and decided to pursue his dream in acting through entering […]

Emma Stone

does Emma Stone smoke?

Born and raised in Arizona, Emma Stone was the daughter of Jeffrey Stone, a businessman, and Krista Yeager, a homemaker. She started her acting career back when she was kid. Stone was part of Valley Youth Theatre in which she made her stage debut in the production “The Wind in the Willows,” by Kenneth Grahame. […]

Kaley Christine Cuoco

does Kaley Christine Cuoco smoke?

Kaley Christine Cuoco is one of the most famous actresses today. At the age of 6, she already became a commercial actress and a model. The TV movie Quicksand: No Escape in the year 1992 became her first major role and big break in the world of entertainment. In this particular movie, she worked with […]

Elizabeth Olsen

does Elizabeth Olsen smoke?

Elizabeth Olsen is among the most popular stars in today’s generation. She was born and raised in Sherman Oaks in the state of California in United States. She is the daughter of David Olsen and Jarnette Olsen. She is the younger sister of the twin Ashley Olsen and Mary Kate who are famous TV and […]

does Emma Myles smoke?

Emma Myles is one of the most popular stars that you will know in the world of Hollywood. She is the girl behind some of the most popular movies today. Acting is the passion of Emma Myles. She is a very versatile actress who loves to make many people happy through giving an award winning […]

Zachary Levi Pugh

does Zachary Levi Pugh smoke?

Zachary Levi Pugh is the real name of Zachary Levi. He was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He is the middle son of Darrel Pugh and Susan Levi. He has two sisters. He uses his middle name as his stage surname because his real surname sounds too much ‘’Pew’’. He was indeed a very versatile […]

Juno Violet Temple

does Juno Violet Temple smoke?

Juno Violet Temple also known as Juno was born in London, England. She relatively came from a showbiz family. Her mother if Amanda Temple who is a producer and her father is Julien Temple who is a film director. Her parents took a visit to the famous Grand Canyon and saw a standing butte Cape […]