Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn

Daughter of Sam and Kim Munn, Olivia Munn came from a good and happy family. She also had her five siblings. At the age of two, her mother got married for the second time around to an Air Force man. Afterwards, they moved around all the time and stayed in Tokyo, in Japan. As they returned in the United States, she transferred to Los Angeles and pursued her dream of being an actress.

After performing on small roles, she got the opportunity to land on the good role in the television series “Beyond the Break”. She also took her role as a receptionist in the movie Big Stan. She also hosted on the movies “Formula D” and “The Daily Nut”.

Coming from half-Chinese and half-Caucasian ancestries, she rose to be a very successful model. She also booked several campaigns for Pepsi, Hewlett Packard, Neutrogena and Nike.
She was even recognized for getting ranked as number ninety nine out of one-hundred in the Maxim Magazine.

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