Nicole Mary Kidman

Nicole Mary Kidman

Born in 1967, Nicole Kidman was included in the list of the Most Intriguing People by People Weekly magazine in the December 1995 to January 1996 issue. In 2000, Nicole and her then-husband Tom Cruise donated to Hilary Clinton’s campaign for a position in the United States Senate, representing the state of New York.

In 2001, while rehearsing a dance scene for the film “Moulin Rouge,” Nicole suffered from an injury. She also selected as one of the Most Beautiful People in the World by People Magazine. She wore corset while doing the 1996 movie “The Portrait of a Lady” to reduce her waist to 19 inches.

Kidman suffered emotional stress while doing the movie and spent 2 weeks in bed. She was also voted as celebrity of the year by E! in 2001 and Entertainer of the Year in the same year by Entertainment Weekly. Stands at 5’11, Nicole is really a stunning and beautiful women.

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