Leah Remini

Leah Remini

Born in Brooklyn, in New York City, Leah Remini rose to being a renowned actress in the movie “The King of Queens”. She also became popular in the films entitled, “The Talk” and “Old School”. In the nineteenth day of July, in 2003, she has been married to none other than Angelo Pagan.

In the movie entitled “Friends”, she auditioned for the role of Monica. though she did not actually get that role; she guest starred in the episode of “Friends: The One with the Birth”.

One of her previous jobs is of being a telemarketer. She also worked with a personal trainer named Gina Lombardi. She also made it in losing twenty pounds; for her role in the movie “Fired Up”.

Kevin James described her as a person with the mouth of a construction worker; but with a body of a model.

According to our research, Leah Remini smokes! (or at least used to smoke)

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