Kristen Anne Bell

Kristen Anne Bell

Kristen Bell was born in July 18, 1980. She is a known American singer and actress. She successfully made her debut in 2001 when she became part of the cast of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” where she played the role Becky Thatcher. When she moved to LA, she landed several guest appearances in television and small parts in movies before she appeared as the lead character in the movie “Spartan.”

Bell gained both praises and fame for the character she played in the TV series “Veronica Mars,” starting from September in 2004 up to the month of May 2007. Since 2012, Bell starts to play the role of Jeannie Van Der Hooeven in the “House of Lies.”

Due to her impressive talent and skills in acting, she had been a recipient of several awards. As a matter of fact, she received the Saturn Award and Satellite Award, and she has also been formerly nominated various times for “Teen Choice Awards” and “Television Critics Association Awards.”

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