Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill

Born and grew in Los Angeles, California on December 20, 1983, Jonah Hill is the son of Richard Feldstein, Guns N’ Roses tour accountant, and Sharon Chalkin,a custom stylist and fashion designer. Hill finished his elementary and high school learning in Santa Monica’s Crossroads School, and decided to pursue his dream in acting through entering in schools for drama in New York.

Hill started writing and doing in various plays while learning drama in The New Times in NY, and managed to get him introduced to renowned actor-director Dustin Hoffman, where he got a try out for his initial movie role in 2004 “I Heart Huckabees.”

A series of gradually more high profile movies and television parts goes after until he ultimately got one of the leading roles in the 2007 teen hit movie “Superbad.” Continuing to act in more movie roles followed. He also made popular appearances on television talk shows in the U.S.

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