James “Jamie” Dornan

James “Jamie” Dornan

Born on May 1, 1982 in Northern Ireland, Jamie Dornan is a renowned actor , popular for doing the role in 2006 movie “Antoinette,” 2009 movie “Shadows in the Sun,” and 2008 movie “Beyond the Rave.”

Dornan got married in April 2003 to Amelia Warner. Due to his gorgeous body and good looks, he was chosen to become a model of renowned apparel Calvin Klein. He is also the feature of the cologne campaign Dior Homme. Renowned Hollywood actress Greer Garson was Jamie’s grandmother’s first cousin.

Jamie Dornan is also fascinated in playing rugby sports in his hometown Ireland. He is big fan of Manchester United and a season ticket owner. Keira Knightley is Jamie’s Dornan girlfriend for 2 years. He met his girlfriend in Asprey photo shooting in year 2003. Today, Jamie is active in various Television shows and doing various movies.

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